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Baseball Bats and Breast Cancer: The Court Mulls Over Gene Patenting

A few weeks ago in a courtroom in Washington DC, lawyers with the blessing of the US Dept. of Justice (DOJ) argued that gene patents are invalid.  The judges of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit are now … Continue reading

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GM Eggplant and Ayurveda in India

India may be the world’s most closely-watched arena for the spread of genetically modified (GM) crops, but it has allowed only one of these crops so far — cotton.  Until recently it looked like its first GM food crop would … Continue reading

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Blood type: Bt

A new study by toxicologists and obstetricians looks in the bloodstreams of a sample of Canadians for pesticides associated with genetically modified foods (new acronym alert: PAGMF).  They studied pregnant women, their fetuses (actually umbilical cord blood after delivery), and … Continue reading

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